Dear friends,

After 13 years in operation (1998-2011), the Make A Child Smile Organization (MACS) has closed down, due to lack of funding and staffing.

MACS was a wonderful and loving project as it helped cheer hundreds of chronically-ill children while bringing awareness of many childhood illnesses. Thank you to the thousands of supporters we had during those 13 years, you will never be forgotten and will live in my heart and the heart of those kids & families whom you helped smile during their worst days. Thank you also for remembering the sweet angels we lost.

If this is your first time here, check the Media info below so you can better understand what MACS was all about: (Click on links when available)

-- Make A Child Smile on Wikipedia

TV News: 

-- The Maury Povich Show - (watch video) "Wishes and Dreams"- NBC - December 22nd, 2000
-- KXTV-ABC Channel 10 - (watch video) Sacramento, CA - April, 2001
-- WPTV-NBC Channel 5 - West Palm Beach, FL (link coming soon) - March, 2002
-- KOLO-ABC Channel 8 - Reno, NV - September, 1998
-- KRNV-NBC Channel 4 - Reno, NV - September, 1998
-- KTVN-CBS Channel 2 - Reno, NV - September, 1998

Videos - other:
-- HotNewz.TV: Justify Your Existence - June, 2008
-- The University of Southern Mississippi Student Project - February, 2009

-- Redbook Magazine - May, 2001
-- Seventeen Magazine - February, 2006
-- Nick Jr. Magazine - November, 2006
-- FamilyCircle Magazine - October, 2006

Social Media Campaign:
-- Buick Driving Good "40 Ways to improve the world in under 40 minutes" Campaign - October, 2010

-- Jim Prewitt's "Catfish for Breakfast Radio Show" - Dallas, TX - gave MACS a live monthly spot on his morning show so we could introduce our "Featured Kids of the Month" and ask listeners to visit the website and send cards to the kids - Throughout 1999

-- MACS Founder Alexandra d'Avila Bakker is awarded the "Hearts of Gold Award", presented aboard the inaugural event of the "Golden Princess" cruise ship by Princess Cruise Lines - October, 2001

-- Skeeter Bug Loves Sarah - A book about a kitten who began writing to a little girl named Sarah, after he read about her on Make A Child Smile. - March, 2007

Thank you... and may you all have a blessed life,

Alexandra d'Avila Bakker
Founder & President
Make A Child Smile (MACS)

== DISCLAIMER == The "Make A Child Smile Organization" was a US based non-profit, incorporated in the State of Nevada with only one office in Florida, which had no affiliation whatsoever with other Organizations with similar or same name, operating in other US states or other countries.
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